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27 February 2012

sunday night going to be monday morning

salam , hye semua. yup, all of you,

seriously, wanna apologies because , i know that are my fault, ok seriously , really super duper busy right now.
with  MUET , many assignment and all that make me crazy , oH , i going to be MAD , haha LOL ,

first thing first , before i forget, alhamdulillah , my MUET speaking test is already done last week , i though it is hard, but actually, it is okay la peeps , you just need to control your emotion only , the nervousness inside you body, oh. some said that THERE IS BUTTERFLY IN MY STOMACH oh, not butterfly , it to be DRAGON maybe. haha . there is to show you how nervous me.

to became such a good person is not too hard, but if you got too many excuses to be a part of it, it will hard for you la, am i right. okay, nothing is going to change until you willing to change it. why need to be very very brave, if you know that you are scared actually? 

ha, kau nampak tak ? penangan MUET kau, sekali aku dah sepeking, ade kau faham? masuk bab2 literature, puihh, belagak kan? so ? ade aku kesah? as long as aku tau aku speaking ni untuk ape okay, haha

ade org ckp macam bagus je nak speaking bagai, hey HELLO you guys, you nowadays is very-very important to speak well in English, not saying that i am the good one, but actually, show the talent that you have. aku nak apply for practical pun, interview dalam phone in english maa, is that enough to proof that how importnat is english in our daily life?

aku dikejutkan sekali lagi dengan macam-macam ragam manusia di atas muka bumi ni, YOU SUCH LIKE JERK when kau hanya tahu nak gune kan agama sebagai penutup kesalahan kau. haishhhh, what ever la kawan, you getting worst actually, it was your fault at the beginer,  so you must able to face the risk la if your BIG BIG RAHSIA is terbongkar right? tepuk dada tanya hati la kawan, aku dengar sahaje, tak berani nak cakap lebih2.

what goes around will come around, aku percaya benda ni, :) totally hundred and ten percent agreed!

aku dah ngantuk , going to sleep tight, okay,
bila dah sunyi macam gini, aku selalu teringat kau. sorry, kau masih sukar lupakan kau, sebab itu bukan kemahuan aku, hmmm :'(