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19 May 2014

MAY 2014

Assalamualaikum :)
Hi there.

I think it is about couple months for me to create another post. why ? Don't ask me. Ask my boss! I am VERY BUSY with taxation to meet the dateline in April and this coming June 2014. '

Still remember last year i got 3 person to assist me. but NOW ! only me and another person. Lack of manpower. Like seriously. I'M DYING. and when every day you need to stay back and weekends need to come to office.

Seriously tired, but i'm happy. because i can easily remove unnecessary thought. So many things happen in May2014. One of it is i have the license. i know, it bite late but at least my wishlist for this year is achieved.
follow by fight and misunderstanding with my father, then my best boyfriend and got a message from someone special and i just really down. it just happen to fast. I can't handle at first, but now, better. Thankful.

For me, i am not avoiding anyone, I just really like to love myself first and motivate myself for better future. And maybe I've change. That's good. Really good. Positive life way.

Alhamdulillah, I'm strong enough to face all those obstacle. I might down at first, but i know how to get up.
Don't worry.

Thank You
I just move on.