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20 May 2012

SomeBody to be Loved

Assalamualaikum :)

Hello Peeps,

How your day today ! It just the beginner of Sunday.
Today Post is for someone. yeah ! you sayang.

Being Friend with you, are the most Happiest thing in my life.
Saying that you love me, even we just knowing each other # actually since 2009, but , , you know rite?# makes me MELT actually, seriously !.
You said that you knows everything bout me. You said that you miss me. You said that you love me.
Okay, Everything is ACCEPTED , ngeee :)

< Nampak tak ENGLISH EDUCATION kat situuuu >

Move next , Sayang . Be careful of what you saying to me . You know why kan .
Kalau boleh , setiap hari kite nak ber- S K Y P E kan? yess, Every day. You bayang kan. Dulu , time dok PERMAI#hostel lua# kelengkapan WIFI sangat memuaskan hati. dari pagi bawak ke petang dan bawak ke malam.  memang x off lappy la kan. :) anything for you !

And today, you nak balik KL kan, so, hati-hati ye sayang :) you kate Trg ke Kl 4 jam. how fast you drive huh? Takmo rushing2 ok. kalau ngantok, just like what you promise to me, rest at RnR ya !
if i could accompany you. I wish i could. Its Ok, by Next Week, we will meet ! inshaAllah if everything goes well .

Sometimes, i wonder to know again and again. why it's Me. sorry ! get messy up of this question in my mind. Yup, you totally know me. really deep about me.

Thanks ya ! Knowing you are make my life colorful again. You, i know it will not remain the same until the ends, but just enough to stay beside me for a while.

Petik ayat you . In future we don't know what will happen but you are my KENANGAN MANIS :) . thanks babe.

Lots of Love <3

Can you see it ?