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24 August 2012

Bla Bla Bla

Salam and morning you all *Lelambai tangan*

Haha . apa lah aku nak buat tetengah Malam ni ? Selain Online , aku pun tak pasti .
And now what story ? story please . Please !

Hear ! once upon a time . There is Little Princess #Bla Bla. okay . sesuai dengan Title aku atas tuh

Entah . KOSONG . ! aku pun tak pasti kenapa . haha

Can i undo the time ? Of course la can not !

Kalau boleh la kan , I wish i dont want to accept your friend request at facebook , then contact in IM ,

Then , Messaging , then Skyping , then On the Phone. Bla Bla Bla ,

Banyak pulakkkkk. haha. #Non sense sikit malam ni. Merapu,

Eh , Pagi Nanti G Sunway Pyramid , Esok Perak , Ahad Melaka ! Yeah berjalan keje aku ni. haha

Report entah kemana nanti.

Berbaju Merah Mak Ngah ! 
okay Bye !

19 August 2012

Happy Eid Mubarak :)

Salam  :)

Hi and how was your day ? First Syawal ? Every okay right ?

This is simple Post only .

I just wanna Wish Happy Eid Mubarak :)

Alhamdulillah still have family members to celebrate :)

I got a good news before Raya :)

Alhamdulillah , Praise to God :) I being offered to be a permanent staff at there :)

As a Junior Audit/ Account/ Tax Assistant :)

Will start at September . and now i need to finish all my report needed to submit and to present later .

Oh Melaka :) Miss you

11 August 2012

Love to Life ;)

Salam and Morning all of you !

First thing first , What a Lovely Weekends :) Saturday !

Not much can say this morning . still feel sleepy and need enough rest actually .

Simple case that i need to handle , but fail which is Heart.

Last week , er don't sure . Feel really down and like &^%$ , don't know how to explain.

I should get the explanation before attack you without knowing the true. Really sorry.

And now , i really understand what is mean by misunderstanding.

A good communication can lead a good Relationship.

Well , you fail to make me down little girl . Poor .

Acting like crazy , afraid of thing shouldn't .

Hear this , if you think you hurt badly of that situation , then why you need to follow up ?

Is that you want ? getting hurt ?

I don't even care ! Do as much you feel you want . but if you hurt. i wasn't my fault . i was you little girl . Pity on you.

Sometimes you need to think twice or maybe more . Don't act like that la . You just put yourself in high place , then if someone push you down , you will dying. Get it right ?

I'm talking like a professional ! Yeah . I knew it ! Aha . Just STOP .

Learn on how to Love yourself first :) and one day you will get want you want in this lifetime :)

Some people said that We need to move forward not backward :)

Others said that Hang on this Death . You can't stuck in it . It just like Killing yourself by own.