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14 January 2014

Two Zero One Four

Assalamualaikum and Salam Maulidur Rasul :)

Hi 2014 ! where to start ? My new year going good up to first week of the year, and it become adventures to the second week, where i got phone call from my liltle sister (Monday/6January), said that my father is at Hospital, PPUM. without thinking, i straight tell my boss and wants to go back early, actually that time almost 5.30p.m. Using cab from Amcorp Mall to home, should takes only 15 minutes, but we stuck in jammed ! and i reach at 6.00p.m. Me is waiting my mom call, and said my dad is okay, at night we go hospital, to know his exact condition.

The next day i took EL, and wednesday until friday i took half day work. because my dad still at hospital and after a week, finally on last friday(10January) he discharge. I'm grateful. easy for my mom to take care at home rather than hospital. My begining month of year was so busy. So how about yours ?

One thing i learned, i full satisfied of myself, because during my dad sick, I am there beside him to take care of him. Everyday tired to think about work, but my priority at time, is to really take care my dad. Thank God :)

Oh, by the way, I have plan some wishlist for year 2014 !

Here are there :-

  1.     Finish Driving License. - got L already, it take about 2 months to get P.  
  2.     Trip Holiday - end of January during CNY,
  3.     Goldbar - every month to buy 2gram goldbar.
  4.     Part time degree study/ ACCA
  5.     Applying a new job
  6.     Change a new HP ! - by March
  7.     Buy a new Furniture & Fittings at home

Actually got another five but it is long term goal. dont want to mention here. Hopefully all can be achieved this year.

Hey you Azwan, my blackberry is death already, dont ever text me in whatsapp or wechat. because i did not received it understand ?

Before leave, i just love this song, check it out !