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4 September 2011

attention please

assalamualaikum.. n morning??~~ uppsss.. yup it is about 2 am lol

hurm..just wanna start to write a little bit about myself..
O H ! mybe u know me better ? is it ? i dont know , n i dont care . you dont know who really am i .
today , we gonna learn my hancus mulus speaking, either OK or KO. it's up to u la ! nope ! up to me OK ? because , i yg tulis kn . kn . kn.

NAME  > Yuslizar binti Sainul
D.O.B   > 12 September 1991(countdown from now eh.8days )
P.O.B   > Hospital Besar Klang
HOBIES > thinking n evaluating
AMBITION> love to be a TEACHER or LECTURER(but, i easy to get angry . huh !)

haha.. thats little bit intro ok. when i write like that , you what ? the old memories flying-in to my mind*kecik2 suke sgt buat biodata rite?* usually, time before school holiday laa.. push all friends to do like that.*as i mention above la* huhuhu... i am the one who very excited to do*hoho* is not hard to be friend with me , but i little bit shy to start first* you must start say HELLO to me ok ?* mostly la, my friend said me GILER-2 la.. but, i am not mental person, just behave like that KOT.. eh ? lalalalala..i dont know la.

seriously, i love to be one of you friend list. huuu~ yup ! you la ! hok tgh skodeng ni huh ! sorry peeps , dont be afraid to be friend ok? i am ordinary girl, have a pair of sepet eyes, ears, nose, hand n so on la . . .
FYI , i know how to be friendly with girls , but. . . to be friendly with boys , oh ! i have no idea . . not to say that i so so so shy, but truely , i not the type almost say HAI to stranger! ! haha . . . if the boys became my friends , i ok je . . can go with that boy la . . .

the storry mory lory stawbery, huh ! BERJELA-JELA la . . i have my own secret  , and now i tell u all , k ?
i love to fall-in-love . i miss damn that memories. .yup, with you PAPA,*the old papa, not to say that i have the new papa* say that PAPA*1* la . .when seeing all my friends happy ever after with their BOYFREN . i also *dlm hati*::  i want you back PAPA*1* but when i try to forgive n forget all the past bout u PA, my heart like STUCK n can not MOVE ON again. you know rite ? why you do this to me ? yup ! about 6month i try to forget bout you, that's doesn't work at all , if i say that i miss u , the more i hate to see you again.

O H ! D E A R , F R I E N D S
 i fall- in- love for the second time ! but i dont want to be serious in any relationship till SAMPAI SERU . . let i have everything that i wanna be . . let the time past be my memories , i want that memories again not with you again PAPA*1* but to the person who really appreciate me as WHO I AM , not MY PAST , let bygone be bygone rite ? if i wanna cry , now my water-eye*huhu* finish already , no need to always be afraid to face all the failure in yourself OK guys ? JUST KEEP MOVING ON rite! O H ! thats my TRADEMARK.


now, i wanna say about my TARGET POINTER for SEM4.. i love la to target very high la kn , try to get 4flat . . is it impossible ? ? i think , nothing is impossible kn kn kn ? haha . . look to my effort now, hmm it is below 50% la. . . what should i do ? need to work very hard la yus ! wake up before you regret it ! i really-2 want that pointer ! arggghhhh somebody save me. . . OK YOU the one who read my blog NOW , huuu
it's ok la . . take your time k ? dont mess up your mind with the little things , the smaller one . put that on your pocket k ?haha ..i will push all my effort to study struggle after i let out my JAWATANssss ... see the '''sssss''' ? ? so many la kn . . .wanna be the KAKAK that everyone dont know who am i in that kolej , if the people say , can you call KAK YUS ! ! i really want that person reply that::: huh ? again ? who is she ? oyeaaaaHHHH . . . i really-2 want that kind of situation ! please please . . .

ooooommmmmmgggggg! ! ! near to 3am . . . time to sleep peeps, keep enjoy reading my blog k ?
babai**with lot of love from me ! ! ! muahhh ***