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27 May 2011

aku dan diriku

assalamualaikum readerst n visitors,
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salam ukhuwah ye...

ok la, yus bukannye ape la kan, statement aku dan diri ku ni,,agak cm sdey la jgk?yeke?hahaha.. yus just wanna share something to you all,

starting wif a girl*thats me*..a girl that want to love and to be loved by some one, yes, that we call nature la kn, every one have the same feeling like me,.everything goes smooth,until one day, i decided to separate, i mean..clash la,hmmm.. yup, it really hard to forgot all those things, being like others people, act to be normal n look like nothing happen, huh! what a shame!! and i really know that i'm good actor!!any reward?huhu..enough!

others may seem look me like OK, but they never though that i was not enough strong to face all matters in this world!..NO!!i can't run from this probs, all i need is, to relax my mind, n dont ever mess my mind wif fucking problems of LOVE!!..ok guys over there~i'm not too desperate to fall in love second time! there's another things that i want to achieve first!.that's it!! bingo!