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28 May 2011


 ptg ni kt uma cik yus ujan~tpi, xde la lebat cgt, nth tbe2..memori dulu2 sume bputar!
aduh!!susah la cmni, byk keje lain yg cik yus leh buat, tpi, npe memori 2 dtg balik? perlu ke?
sape lah aku nk halang memori ni..semangat! hidup perlu diteruskan~ hingga ke titisan terakhir!
apepon yg terjadi, i need to be strong girl~ n i knew i can! biase la 2, kdg2 susah utk kite lupakan ape yg dh blaku, it;s not easy..i wish i could fly!

but, dont ever blame urself of what are fate to u, cik yus terima sgalenye ngn hati terbuka, but it doesn't mean that i will erase that memori easily, it just take time! look at u now yus! you look better than before. no need to look-back, if it will hurt you again. i know, i just WONDERING to know what exactly in ur mind pa!
it's OK, i'm FINE with it.

and now, im happy, happy to live the life, enjoy every moment with my family, NO ONE will understand whats going now, i dont mind what ever people around said back-of-me. i know myself better! seeing my friends happy, i happy to hear too.

starting julai 2011, i will try to persuade myself for not to being stupid like buffalo, at kolej, i will do what ever kind of activitis that will make me feel free to breath in this world..pray alot yus! yes i am..i will! i'm the new person! CRY? no more to cry on, if i still cry on  it, i just like left myself in fantasy. yus!!! wake up! wake up! there many things that you need to face, this matter just a small amount of problems that you need to face the truth! even it hard to be the truth, i  have too.*cross your fingers, n wish miracles could happen right now~*

wow!! now i'm back to college this July. many preparation i need to do, Alhamdulillah, everythings will be OK,but then..i still afraid, if 'em could not accept me! neither! oh GOD!help me!just be CHILL+RELAX= CHILAX,hahaha..

fight until the end, you what?? i'm good actor!!