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25 July 2012

Audit :)

Salam Alaik :)

Hye ! See what ? I'm gonna to update my lovely diary ! Yes dear , i love it ! Enjoy to express the things happen and write it in this blog, We are what we say , and what we think. Means , if you always love to think positive , then you are positive thinker ! Got it ?

A.U.D.I.T >> today , Finally , i finish to do a big case of Audit. I've been try to do my best. Even though , i not sure that all my Working Paper are correct or not. This is the Third case that  need to handle , i hope there's no amendment after my bos review it ! 

Talking about my workplace , Last Monday , i got a good news, good to hear :) Alhamdulillah ,  My bos give permission to go back earlier :) and i'll be permanent staff there ! MasyaAllah . I too suprise to hear and can't hide my smile :) Thanks lot .

This company is the best practical ever ! every things you do , you must very careful , need to learn it by yourself , No one will teach you. if you still can't get what you want , then you must be brave to ask ! Ask a question on what do you not understand . I always try to think , think where is this figure get , what purposes and what is the supporting documents. Actually for the first time , Yes , i just follow without to trying understand the concept. but recently , i try to motivate me myself to change my mind to be a good staff , which is understand on what that i've done ! not just simply do and finish the case .

So far , i really proud of myself because still can adapt with this new environment. Not so new la , already 2 months maaa. :)

EHEM , can i change the topic? bhaha . Aku sendiri menguap tim tengah taip entri ni. nampak sangat boring ! heee . :) Actually ngantok , perut kenyang kan.

Listen ! i dont know what do you want from me actually , and i've been try to understand and try to give my best for you, i hope you realise it before you late. :) see. i'm not joking okay ,

And now , aku tengah bertwitter dengan Adek angkat aku OH DIEDA :) rindu kau adek. serious . aduh , air mata dah bertakung niiiiii :'(

By the way , just nak say something maybe it wasn't important but i'll keep say it that My twitter is private and confidential :) sorry because not approve some request follower , because i dont want you to stalk me . it just waste your time la. I'm just me, myself and MINE :) if you read this blog and you get hurt , SORRY . I dont know why you must stalk me . I'm not beautiful , gorgeous , and etc . bla bla bla # BEBEL .

Just stop okay? and for your information . YES ! i do LOVE him :) but it doesnt mean he is MINE , i not focusing on HIM only , because i want to be successful WOMAN first :) Hope you understand it.