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22 July 2012

Cerita Semalam punya Semalam ,

Salam Alaik :)

Salam Ramadhan semua :)

Takpe kan aku wish lambat sikit ? haha . Ok. Maaf ! Ramadan kedua :) Alhamdulillah. Yang pasti , kalau boleh setiap pagi mesti sahur ok ? Untuk membeza kan Puasa org Islam dan org Kafir :)

I'm trying , trying to be good in day to a day. Sometimes , we forget to say Alhamdulillah , and we do always forgot to mind that everything happen for reason. Is that enough ? Maybe isn't enough because people always want more and more. Unexpected things to happen.

You and I is just the same. SAME . Pehe dop? The only thing to differentiate is Man or Woman. Every time when i want to write , when i want to say , when i want to give opinion, i've been try , try to control my attitude . Try to watch out every single words that i wrote down. but , Sorry if i've hurt you. Deep inside never mean it.

Back to origin . This is the story of mine :) and i create it. and i post it and i enjoy it. Laughing , Smiling , Joking , Crying and Happy in whatever i do ! yeah I did it well. :) If you think you like to read my blog , Thanks . Appreciate it . If you don't .Never mind . It fine with me :) I need some space , space to express the feelings. Express all in my head. Whichever never stop Thinking. Thinking about future :)

Maybe some people will laugh at me . and some will cry about me . And what i want you to know is . And now listen carefully ;

- I just NORMAL .
- Love to playing cool :)
- Doesn't like to do nothing .
- Kuat BEBEL - Actually in polite way is Friendly. :)
- Positive and do care much
- Love to work with No Life like i did it now :)

Yeah , try to reduce using Malay words :) trying to speaking :) writing actually , when we write , we speak it out and we improve it ! Got it ? There is people say , 'TAK PAYAH ENGLISH SANGAT LA'. but dont you know english is important ?

why ? let me story .

I work at Chinese company . and most of the staff are Chinese. yes , sometimes they will communicate BAHASA with me . but mostly ENGLISH . can i act like i dont care to improve me , myself in English? No right ? I need to adapt it. change my mind . Look forward. The worst things when i answered people call , and mostly it english. if i say i don't want to learn it. Then how i can survive ?

Ok. english aku teraburrrr . at least aku cuba . Haha. Aaaaachummm #Bersin. ok aku dah nak demam , dah masok 5 hari selseme ni x elok-elok, pale aku sakit. sakit ya amat sangat. Dan aku sekarang duduk statik sambil pejam mata, Ngantok nyaaaaaa :) Baik tido kejap kan kan.

Sebelum aku merapu meraban dan ter ter yang lain. Baik tido kejap :) bye2 .